Tape Ins

Tape Ins



Tape In Extensions

If you like clean, polished hair that looks like is it growing from your scalp, our tape ins are for you. This hair gives you a beautiful, natural, gorgeous appearance of effortless perfection that is simply irrestible.

100% human hair with cutie alignment. Meaning cuticle aligned single donor Indian hair, perfectly manageable, tangle-free and and can last up to 5+ years or more with proper care.

All our hair is 100% Virgin in its natural textures, untouched by any chemicals or additives.

The installation process can be done in less than an hour without tools or heat. Tape-in extensions must be applied and removed by a trained, licensed cosmetologist and can last between 8-10 weeks with proper care.  Quality of the hair does not diminish.

  • Each set comes with 50 Grams/20 tape ins
  • high-medium luster (how shiny your hair looks)
  • 100% raw and unprocessed human hair 
  • NO synthetic fibers  
  • Adds instant volume and length with no tracks or braids needed.
  • Wear a ponytail effortlessly and Hair can be worn in multiple styles.  
  • At least 3-4 sets needed for a full effortless look
  • Depending on your head size you may need more than 4 sets. Share the grams and tape quantity with your stylist so you understand how much you need according to your head size. The average customer opts for 4+ sets to ensure they achieve their desired look.