HD Lace Frontal (13x6)

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HD Lace Frontal That is Virtually Invisible

Our Invisible HD Lace Frontal. Is absolutely the best. Step your and picture and selfie game .

Free parting lace frontal closure with baby hair and customized hairline. Offered in 18 and 20 inches only.

The invisible HD Lace provides the most realistic scalp appearance. The lace is undetectable and can be colored , and customized to your liking. Knots are not bleached, however the knots can bleached to perfection by a professional. Ear to ear coverage. Frontal is cuticle aligned and hair is flowing in one direction.

Our LACE FRONTALS are made for a distinguished , soft , natural girl! Unprocessed and matches our hair bundles. All the frontals are made using our signature ventilation method that ensures the wig-wearer can have an natural pre-plucked hairline, which looks very natural and  the lace along the hairline highly undetectable. Fifty Shades of Hair closure and frontals are created to be made to look very natural and not "wiggy." Become the irresistible girl with a look of perfection.

What is the difference between HD Lace and Transparent Lace?

HD Lace (High Definition lace) is the thinnest lace you will find on the market. As a result, HD lace will offer you the most undetectable application with minimal customization needed. HD lace can be used by all skin tones. One thing to note is that HD lace is extremely delicate and will rip easily if not handled with care. Avoid bleaching the knots of your HD lace, chemicals can cause the knots & lace to weaken and may promote shedding. Use a concealer powder in lieu of bleach.

HD lace but is much more delicate and can be  be tinted using a lace tint or make up powder to match your skin tone One of the major benefits of lace is its ability to be tinted to match any skin color.All sales are final. There is a 3 day processing time on this item

  • Lace closures and frontals give confidence and faux edges that boost your confidence
  • All our closures and frontals are measured from the perimeter/Forehead down and not from the middle.
  • Bleaching the knots of your lace does give you a scalp like appearance 
  • Please handle the lace very gently, we do not own responsible for any tangle/damages caused by improper handling of the lace products during and after the co-wash.