Silky Straight Lace Wig

Pre-plucked Silky Straight Human Lace Front Wig | Fiftyshadeshairtique


Flawless Bone Straight Hair Like Silk
Turn heads with Soft, Silky free flowing Silky Straight Hair. Turn your sexy up with or our long silky straight hair. This silky straight wig is very manageable and does not require a lot of heat. Create your best look today with Exclusive Babe Silky Straight Lace Front Wig.
This transparent lace front wig is available in 12-30 inches. 40 inches is available upon request. Free parting space within the lace, coverage from ear to ear.  13x6 lace size Has combs and adjustable straps. Knots are not bleached, however can be bleached to perfection by your stylist. Hairline on the frontal is minimally pre-plucked. Wig comes in a standard/average Medium.  Large or small is available as well.
Medium and Large cap sizes are made custom. There is a 7-10 customization turn around. This applies to small and large cap size only. The processing time is included in the 7-10 days

There is a 3 day processing time on this Item